8 Weeks to 5 KM Challenge – Week 1

Mon Run 1/28 (2.4 KM Run/Walk) - 21 Aug 2016

Sun Run 1/28 (2.4 KM Run/Walk) – 21 Aug 2016

Instruction for the day: We are starting off with just 2.4 km run or walk to see how you feel. This should not be an all out run yet.

Today is the first day of my 8 weeks to 5 km challenge! I finally decided to embark on this quest to challenge myself to conquer the 5 km.  I had been running for 1 month or so previously to keep myself fit. However, I find that just running alone can be monotonous at times without a proper running schedule and goals. This is why I thought I should record down my journey to 5 km before attempting the 10k and 21k. Today’s run was relatively ok because I have running regularly for the past 1 month. Looking forward to more runs!


Tue Run 2/28 (8 x 1 min Steady) - 23 Aug 2016

Tue Run 2/28 (8 x 1 min Steady) – 23 Aug 2016

Instruction for the day: This is an interval workout. You will run at a faster pace for 60 seconds followed by a recovery walk of 90 seconds. Repeat this for 20 minutes.

This is the first attempt of interval workout for me, I have never tried such training in my life before. And I can tell you why so many runners swear by it because it is NOT EASY. Furthermore, this is my first time doing it. I know that there are tougher interval trainings coming up in future and I can’t imagine how to survive those. But, to be honest, this is different from the normal running I do and it is actually refreshing for me. 2 runs down, 26 more to go!


Thur Run 3/28 (2.4 KM Run/Walk) - 25 Aug 2016

Thur Run 3/28 (2.4 KM Run/Walk) – 25 Aug 2016

Instruction for the day: Go on a 2.4 km moderate run or brisk walk. This should not be as hard as possible yet.

Today’s run is actually worse than my day one’s run! My legs are still aching from the interval run I did on Tuesday, you can tell from this that it is effective. I am used to evening runs as I have trouble waking up early for morning runs, looking forward to more early runs as I train myself to workout more in the morning. Starting to get the hang of sticking to a schedule as this does not allow me to slack off unnecessarily. Why didn’t I do this earlier?


Sat Run 4/28 (45 min Walk/Jog) - 27 Aug 2016

Sat Run 4/28 (45 min Walk/Jog) – 27 Aug 2016

Instruction for the day: Take 45-minute brisk walk or light jog. Keep the intensity fairly low on this day. The main goal here is to just be active and get used to moving for a longer period of time.

Today woke up early to visit the gym with my friend, so it’s treadmill day! I think it’s good to have a running/workout buddy because it helps you to be motivated. I think I have stamina issues with my runs so this kind of 45 min runs are perfect for me to build up endurance. Today’s run is good as I set the treadmill at a slower pace so that I don’t have to stop halfway. Treadmill runs seem easier than outdoor runs, need to monitor my future runs as well. Week 1 done, 7 more weeks to go!!

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