8 Weeks to 5 KM Challenge – Week 4

Mon Run 15/28 (45 min Walk/Jog) - 12 Sep 2016

Mon Run 12/28 (45 min Walk/Jog) – 12 Sep 2016

Instruction for the day: Take 45-minute brisk walk or light jog. Keep the intensity fairly low on this day. The main goal here is to just be active and get used to moving for a longer period of time.

Good run to kick start the day. Did my run in the gym today in the morning as it was a public holiday, woohoo! Kept my pace slow and steady as I want it to be a relatively relaxing run today. The treadmill is a good way to pace myself for these timed runs so that I can’t cheat by walking.  Awesome run of 5 km in 45 mins to start the week. Keep it rolling!

Wed Run 16/28 (3.2 KM Run) - 14 Sep 2016

Wed Run 13/28 (3.2 KM Run) – 14 Sep 2016

Instruction for the day: Go on a 3.2 km run at a moderate pace. We are starting to increase our distance, but if you can try and increase the intensity when possible.

Somehow the pacing seems kinda off in today’s run, it’s either there were some errors or I am getting worse *gasps*. The run today seems pretty manageable though, probably because I have been through a couple of these 3.2 km runs already. I swear the next interval training is going to kill me though. Nevertheless, train the mind and the body will follow!


Fri Run 17/28 (10 x 1 min Fast) - 16 Sep 2016

Fri Run 14/28 (10 x 1 min Fast) – 16 Sep 2016

Instruction for the day: This is a 25-minute interval run. Perform 60 seconds of hard running with 90 seconds of light walking or slow jogging.

Love or hate this interval training but you got to admit it is super effective. This training is something that I have never heard of but I read that many runners swear by interval runs. Still struggling a bit on this running regime but I find myself using it frequently in future. Interval runs FTW!


Sun Run 18/28 (4 KM Run) - 18 Sep 2016

Sun Run 15/28 (4 KM Run) – 18 Sep 2016

Instruction for the day: Go on a 4 km moderate to hard run. At this point you should be able to run the entire time or just about that. It is your goal to run the entire time or if you can do that already to increase the intensity.

Excellent run for today, can totally find myself getting into the momentum for this run. I even exceeded my target by 800m! This is such an awesome feeling as I can find myself improving more and more already. I am looking forward to my runs nowadays, this is a good sign right haha.  1 month since I started this journey and I can’t believe I made it this far. 1 more month to my target of 5 km!


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