8 Weeks to 5 KM Challenge – Week 5

Tue Run 16/28 (13 x 1 min Fast) - 20 Sep 2016

Tue Run 16/28 (13 x 1 min Fast) – 20 Sep 2016

Instruction for the day: This is a 26-minute interval run. We have shortened the recovery so this will be a tougher run. Alternate between 60 seconds of hard running with 60 seconds of walking. The hard running should be at a faster pace than your normal runs.

Today was my first 13 interval run with a shortened recovery run of only 60 secs. As expected, I struggled badly here because I am not used to this intensity of running so far. This is 1 of my toughest run so far because I can feel myself giving up. Luckily, I persevered and survived! Growing to love this interval training because it offers something different from the usual running and I can feel myself getting stronger as I trained. Got to go and recover for now, see you!


Week 5, Workout 17/28 - 4 KM

Thursday Run 17/28 (4 KM Run) – 22 Sep 2016

Instruction for the day: Go on a 4 km moderate to hard run. At this point you should be able to run the entire time or just about that. It is your goal to run the entire time or if you can do that already to increase the intensity.

Today’s run was pretty good, finally getting the hang of tackling a 4 km run without too much difficulty. It could be the weather that is giving me a spring in my steps though, love the cool wind blowing in my face during evening runs. Can’t believe that more than a month ago I was having trouble with even a 2 km run *gasps*. However, during today’s run, I realize I am still having issues keeping at a constant pace after my 2 km mark. I find myself walking a lot after that and I need a minute or so before I pick up my pace again. The good news is that I somehow clocked 5 km today! This is just 1 of those days that you find yourself in the zone after that 3-4 km mark, so I just kept on running for a while after that. Looking forward to the next run.



Saturday Run 18/28 (50 Min Walk/Run) - Sep 24 2016

Saturday Run 18/28 (50 Min Walk/Run) – 24 Sep 2016

Instruction for the day: This is a 50 minute brisk walk or light jog. Still keep the intensity fairly low but make sure you can last for the whole 50 minutes.

I usually do my weekend runs in the gym because I go to my friend’s place, having a running buddy helps because there are days whereby you don’t feel like running. My running buddy keeps me motivated so that I do not skip my training. Today’s run was challenging because this is the first time I am going for a continuous run of 50 mins! And I can’t cheat today because I am running on a treadmill. From my experiences so far, treadmills are normally easier runs as compared to outdoor runs. In order to allow myself to last the entire 50 mins, I set the treadmill speed to roughly between 8.0 to 8.5 throughout my run. Surprisingly, my run went well and I completed the run without much issues, I think this is because my treadmill is set at a much slower speed. Keep on running!

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