8 Weeks to 5 KM Challenge – Week 7

Wed Run 23/28 (4.8 KM Run) - 5 Oct 2016

Wed Run 23/28 (4.8 KM Run) – 5 Oct 2016

Instruction for the day: Go on a 4.8 km run. This is a moderate to hard run but you should be able to make it for the full 4.8 km running. This is almost the distance of the 5K so it will start to give you an idea of where you are at with your training.

I can finally smell the 5 km target woohoo! Missed a run yesterday because I was feeling lazy…and I decided to punish myself with an early morning run today at 730am. Yah this is the earliest I haven ever woke up for a morning run and I am loving it. It is definitely good to keep pushing myself to wake up early for runs as it makes me feel much refreshed after the run. Today’s run was kinda hard towards my 3 km mark. I figured it was down to a lack of morning runs that I have been doing so far. Hopefully, this is the first out of many more morning runs to come. Week 7 let’s go!


Sat Run 24/28 (12 x 1.5 min Run) - 8 Oct 2016

Sat Run 24/28 (12 x 1.5 min Run) – 8 Oct 2016

Instruction for the day: Perform 30 minutes of intervals alternating between 90 seconds of hard running with 60 seconds of walking recovery. Now we are running longer than we are walking which will dramatically increase the intensity. You will not be fully recovered but you should be recovered enough to make it through the next interval.

I missed yesterday’s run because I was having diarrhoea the night before. The feeling of missing every run simply sucks at this stage since I am so close to the end of my 8 weeks to 5 km challenge. Felt much better to run today and I decided to stick to yesterday’s interval run. To be honest, I thought I was going to struggle on this training because I have to alternate with only a 60 sec recovery run instead of my usual 90 secs. Surprisingly, I managed to keep in pace without much walking until my 3 km mark. I can definitely feel myself getting more endurance. Something bad happened at the end of my run though, the soles of my shoes came off! Looks like I need to get some glue tomorrow, come on buddy, we are so close to the end, hang in there!

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