8 Weeks to 5 KM

8 Weeks To 5 KM

I started my journey as a beginner to running in August 2016, trust me when I say it has been tough so far. You can read more about my story on this site too, just click here.

Basically, this will be the place where I document my 8 weeks to 5 km journey. I want to share with others my progress, hoping it can motivate other beginner runners to join in with me. I chose 8 weeks to complete 5 km because I was not confident of myself, hence I wish to take it slow in the beginning. No judging please :p

Just running non stop would not do me any good, so I am following a running program devised by Mike Deibler from San Diego Premier Training. Click here to see the running program. I actually found this free training program from Runkeeper App so it’s pretty cool. Feel free to use the Runkeeper App and use this free training to keep yourself in check. Meanwhile, do check back often on this site to find out how I am coping along so far.