How to Start Running for Beginners

How to Start Running for Beginners

The secret to how to start running for beginners is very simple. It is the title of this site ‘Start Running Today’. This may seem easy but it is also rather difficult at the same time. Why is this so? Read on to find out.

Excuses, Excuses And More Excuses!

There are many of you who wants to get into running but always find yourselves postponing it at the last minute, finding excuses that it might rain, work to finish, too busy etc. This is the first and main hurdle for beginner runners to overcome before you can learn how to start running.

You can spend 1-2 hours binge watching Netflix on your sofa but can’t spare 30 mins for a short run? These are just excuses that are stopping you from starting your run today. So now do you know why I said the secret to how to start running for beginners is actually very simple, just start running today and the rest will fall into place naturally.

What’s Next After My First Run?

What happens after making the first run, DO NOT forget to schedule the next run in your calendar. A lot of mistakes that beginner runners made were giving up after that first run, or simply waiting for weeks or even months before the next run. This is crucial because making just 1 run won’t make you healthy all of a sudden. The key is making 1 run consistently.

Building a habit is tough so you need to push yourself to schedule at least 1 run a week. 1 run per week may seem insignificant but that is like 4-5 runs a month and 52 runs a year! Once you get used to 1 run per week, slowly scale up to 2 runs, 3 runs per week and you will find that things get easier.

I Tried, But I Don’t Think I’m Cut Out For Running.

Do not be afraid even if you find yourself struggling at the beginning. Nobody begins a master at anything, everyone starts somewhere. Always remember that slow and steady wins the race (no pun intended), which is especially true about running. Running is a lifelong activity which is beneficial for your health and you should do it today rather than tomorrow.

As simple as it may seem, start running today is the best advice I can give to beginner runners on how to start running. Taking the first step for any new activity is always the hardest but trust me, it will be very rewarding once you made the first few runs. It’s better to start running today than to do nothing at all. When you look back 1 year from now, just imagine what you could have achieved if you had started today.


Cheers and Start Running Today


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  1. Hi Will,
    Hahaha, you nail it.
    3 months ago I was exactly as you described: “I tried, I will start next week, running is not for me.”
    But eventually, I pull myself out of the couch anג start running outside.
    I’m running 3 times a week, half an hour every time, 5Km per run.
    Love your writing.
    Keep up with the great work.

    1. Will says: Reply

      Wow Efi, that is really awesome stuff.
      3 times a week takes a certain level of dedication, at 5km per run no less.
      Good to hear that there are similar beginners to running putting in the efforts as well.
      Gives me the motivation to keep on running.
      Keep on running! ? 🙂

  2. ebufi says: Reply

    Hi Will : I used to run half and hour before I went to work when I was younger, it was a great way to stay in shape. If you do it consistently you develop stamina and speed. I like your concept: to begin small and schedule for the next run. hank you for encouraging to do exercise.

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Ebufi

      Yes, starting small is a great way to start running for beginners.
      It builds up momentum and discipline for the long term.
      I hope you can consider giving running now a chance as well.
      Stay healthy!

  3. You absolutely right! This can also apply to many other things in life. Just get out there and start doing it. I recently had hip surgery and probably won’t be able to run for awhile.

    I have to do different types of cardio in order to stay in shape. I am not much of a fan for running either. I am in the Army so running is not an unknown thing to me. Since my surgery though I haven’t run but I have to say I kinda miss being able too do it.

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Albert

      Wow, I admire your spirit, keep it up. Yes, you are absolutely right, many things in life are actually applicable to one another.
      I really hope you can recover quickly from your hip injury, do you have any idea how long it’s gonna take?
      Looking forward to you getting better and joining back to the running circle. I believe you can do it as long as you put in the hard work and dedication!

  4. Anthony says: Reply

    Many thanks for your article. But I was searching the internet specifically for starting running over the age of 50. How will a first run affect me at this age? Are there any special concerns I should be worried about due to my age? Or does age not really make a difference?

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Anthony

      Thank you for commenting, I’m sorry but i cannot answer your question with regards to running over the age of 50. Perhaps you could seek advice from professional trainers who may have more experiences on this. I hope you can visit back often if you decide to pick up running. Cheers!

  5. I like how you started with one run, be consistent, then add another run to it after that.

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Tom

      Yup, that’s right, consistency is the name of this game!

  6. kerone says: Reply

    I like this blog. Reminds me of myself. I don’t like running. It hurt my But I do admire those who are runners. I am amazed how there are some elders who may not run, but jog as well for exercises. Hey, maybe one day i will put away the excuse and practice to run. As of now I ride my bike,, with some huff and

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Kerone

      I was just like you last time, I hate running because I am simply just not good at it. However, I am glad I picked up running because it gave me so much benefits in a short amount of time.
      I hope to one day see you become a runner 🙂 🙂
      Yes, riding a bike is good exercise too, I see myself riding a bike for recreation in the near future as well!

  7. I’ve never run before. I think it’s probably the mind playing a trick. I’ll start having thought ” What if I can’t finish the run” etc. But you know what’s the result? The body gets lazier and the waistline keep expanding. You’re really doing great with 52 runs per year. I can’t even imagine myself doing 1 by end of this year. Haha

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Kenny

      Dude, don’t think about it and just run.
      Things are always confusing if you just keep thinking about it and don’t do it.
      If you don’t run now, you will never know the results.
      I hate to say this but just start running today!

  8. Jean says: Reply

    Nice article! Is a good idea for us beginners to follow your recommendation on scheduling and adding up. Thanks for the info!

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Jean

      Thanks for reading. Yay cheers for us beginner runners!
      Let’s hustle hard together and start running today! 🙂 🙂

  9. Jeff says: Reply

    Thank’s for the advice here, Will. I have been thinking of starting up jogging for a while now and I’m going out today to start. I will take your hints to run regularly, and not to give up!

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Jeff

      Glad to influence 1 more person to start running today! Yes, regular running is the key to success because you will find it become a habit you can’t do without. Talk to more runners and you will realize they find it weird even if they just skip a single day of running.

  10. Zain says: Reply

    Hi Will,

    You have nailed it to the core !!!!! Excuses and procrastination. The last time I ran when I was almost 3 months pregnant with my daughter, and that was almost 20 years ago! To start back is such a difficult feat for me but I would have to start somehow and your article is like God sent. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Health is crucial. For the mind, body and soul. Cheers

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Zain

      Wow, that is pretty good stuff, running when you are 3 months pregnant. I am definitely looking forward to you returning to running soon. Running is 1 of the best decisions I made and I encourage everyone to do it!

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