Running Shoes

There are so many products out there for running.  There are running shoes, fitness trackers, sweat bands to running programs. Which of these should I try to kick start my running journey? This could be a headache for most of you as you want to get the most suitable products/services for your needs. Don’t worry because this is where I come in.

How I Create My Reviews

I wish to help beginner runners like myself find suitable products and programs that will help them develop a passion for running, and do so in a way that is healthy and enjoyable.

The reviews on my site are thorough and you may even have tried them yourself as well. In this case, I would love to hear all about your feedback regarding your experiences with the products.

Do You Have a Product You Want Me to Review?

Of course, I do reviews often because I love to try and share all kinds of products with the running community here at Start Running Today. If there is any product I have not featured here and you would like me to review. Please feel free to contact me at and I will be more than happy to review in future.