The Golden Rule

The first few runs are the hardest because it takes so much effort for me to get moving. I believe running is not just a physical thing, it is a mental one as well. You need to be mentally strong to force yourself to take the first step, and you need to be mentally strong to keep running even when you have hit your limits. People often find excuses for their first runs, not enough time, too busy with work etc. Every master was once a beginner, taking the first step is what separates the greats from normal people.

Give yourself a couple months to get into running, if you still find yourself dreading the runs than maybe running is not the right sport for you. However, one important thing I learnt so far from running is that discipline is the key to success. Have the discipline to simply walk or run for a few months despite hating it. Often times, you hate the things that are beneficial for you. If running is suitable for you, you will find yourself falling in love with it.

“It’s not the run that’s hard, It’s the discipline.”