What is The Best Time For a Run?

What is The Best Time For a Run

For all you runners out there, I am sure you have a preferable time of the day that you like to run. What is the best time for a run? This actually depends on you because everyone has different routines and there are advantages for every time slot. However, there is a certain period of the day which is technically the best time for a run. Read on to find out which is it.


What better way to begin every day by simply waking up and going for a run to jump start your day. A quick 30 mins run in the morning is going to leave you feeling energized and all ready to tackle the rest of the day with more enthusiasm. Furthermore, running in the morning is a good test of your mental strengths as it is so hard to wake up sometimes. Successful people like Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson run as part of their morning rituals, so you can tell how important morning runs are.


Fret not for people who work 9 to 5, you can actually do a lunch-time run if you prepare in advance. A midday run may sound troublesome but it is very doable. Simply prepare a light snack to consume 1 hour in advance before your run, and you will have plenty of lunch time left for a good run + wash up. Furthermore, a run will make you more productive in the afternoon at work and finish the day feeling full of energy. And you know what is the best part? It doesn’t eat into your free time because you are basically running during working hours!


There are many scientific proofs that mid to late afternoon timing is whereby your body is at your most optimal condition. Hence, you can technically say that evening is the best time for a run. At the same time, this could also be the most mentally tiring for most people because of the long day at work. In the end, most people gave up running during the evenings because they just could not find the motivation to do so after work. On the contrary, do you know that a run at this time can be very useful to help you unwind and de-stress instead? At night, you will be in an even better condition/mood to spend more quality time with your family.


Running at night may be necessary for people who ends the work day late. Night runs are pretty awesome because it is the coolest time of the day with the least amount of people on your favourite routes. For runners who doesn’t like too much sun or suffer from heat exhaustion easily, night runs offer you a different and magical view of your surroundings. A night run is also a soothing way to end the day. However, please remember to choose a running route that is safe and well lit to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Extra Tip

Sticking to the same running timing every time can be beneficial in the long run. This helps you to build up a habit whereby you are comfortable to run at that particular timing. After a while, you will realize your body is telling you to run automatically despite not thinking about it. It’s not the run that is hard, it’s the discipline!

Personally, my usual running time is during the evenings between 6 to 7pm. To be honest, I would have preferred to start my day with a run but I am having difficulties waking up so far 😛 Do share with me any tips in the comments below on how to begin my morning runs. For the rest of you runners, what is your best time for a run? Do let me know what you think as well by commenting below.


Cheers and Start Running Today


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  1. Hi Will. Great article, thanks for sharing. You hardly ever hear or see people running at night but what you have said makes sense. Also, understanding the benefits and some of the challenges at various times is good to know. Thanks for writing this.

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Gerry

      Actually, you will be surprised how many people run at night in my country Singapore. Sometimes, the running tracks are filled with people even at 9pm!

  2. Udoh says: Reply


    Thank you for the post. I personally prefer mornings but like you said sometimes it is hard to get up…

    When I started running I hated it. I did not like to sweat much, have to wash my hair more than I need to….not to mention all the body aches that came after.

    Now I can do 5k+ with no problem. Practice makes progress for sure!

    Do you have any recommendation on running knee pads? I have a friend who have knees that hurt after a run. Will you be doing a review on running pads?

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Udoh

      I know right, morning runs need so much discipline. Need to start getting myself into shape to wake up early. Wow, that’s awesome because I can’t do 5k runs yet as of now, my maximum is 4k+ now. I am training to do 5k runs regularly though. No, I have no recommendation for running knee pads at the moment, that will be a good idea for me to do in future. Thanks!

  3. Ana says: Reply

    Hey Will, great article! I don’t run yet, but I plan to start in the near future and I like the idea of running in the morning,so I have another problem… When I wake up in the morning, after maybe 15 min, I get extremely hungry and I have to eat something, so I’m thinking if I run in the morning, what would be the best thing to eat before running? If I eat a lot of something, then running is not an option, because I would probably be sick after some time, so I need something small, full of energy, that will not decrease my blood sugar after a short time (it is what happens if I eat something very sweet). Thanks for your answer, it will help me a lot.

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Ana

      Well, you came to the right place, start running today! I am in a running FB group and the majority of advice those veteran runners gave for beginner runners was they regret not starting earlier. Before your run in the morning, I think you can go for a banana or fruit smoothie. These should be light enough to not affect your run and also tide you until after your run. Hope that helps!

  4. Hi Will. Great article. Useful. Thank you.

    I am also not a runner myself, but I like doing my exercise early morning. It makes me start my day with a jump in my walk, and it feels like I am running with enthusiasm and energy all day long. Morning exercise energizes me throughout the day.

    Keep up the great work. Blessings and success to you

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Marlene

      Yup, morning exercises can really kick start your day greatly. I love it when I can wake up for morning runs as well!

  5. Hey! Thats is such an awesome article, thank you for sharing!
    I used to run in the mornings, once I got the routine going it was so nice to start the day with a run. These days due to my work I need to do it in the afternoon, and that is also good but not during the summer, way too hot. And evening or night runs are the best ever. No idea where that comes from but there is so much energy to give out, even if I have been working the whole day. It is definitely mental process as well. I usually prepare myself for a run in the evening the whole day, so once the time has come, there is no way I can say no 😀

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Reelika

      Thank you for the compliments! Yes, almost all timings of the day are perfect for running. Great to know that you are a runner as well.

  6. Dana says: Reply

    Hi Will!
    I agree that everyone has a favorite time to run. Me personally, would be the early morning as the sun comes up, or the opposite as it goes down. I find the scenery very therapeutic and washes my mind of all things negative! (even if its just for the run!)
    Great read!
    Thanks! -Dana

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Dana

      Wow, please share some advice with me how you do all your morning runs! I am dying to try morning runs as well but it is just so difficult to wake up for me. I need to put in more efforts :):)

  7. I usually power walk every morning around 7am or as soon as it is light. Gets me going for the day. When I miss a day it makes a difference to my energy level. Great post.

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Helen

      Daily power walks are great for your health. Like I always said, frequent walks are better than simply just 1 run a week. Keep it up!

  8. I need to start running and am a beginner. Would the early mornings (After sunrise) be a great idea for a beginner?

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Uwais

      Yes, morning runs are great for beginners. However, instead of being concerned of the timing for your first runs, just start running today! Start running today and the rest will fall in place nicely.

  9. Great page about running it gives me a thought about training more,
    I will try these very interesting tips. I might do it in the night because
    of work in the afternoon. I like that you give so much information about
    how it helps a person and how to do it, amazing page great work.

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Filishia

      Thank you for the kind words, appreciate it a lot. Yes, night running is suitable for working people. Do remember to pick a safe running route at night to avoid unnecessary injuries. Keep running!

  10. I am definitely a morning person and love to get my day started actively. Exercising first thing truly energizes me; it doesn’t leave me too worn out to face the rest of the day. Great post!

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Alexandra

      Glad to hear from you and know that you are a morning person. I am so jealous of that because I am trying so hard recently to wake up early for my runs. Keep on exercising!

  11. salbene says: Reply

    Hello Will,

    I used to run all the time, and it nice to know that I was doing it at the right time. Evening time like you suggest is the best time to run. I don’t know why but sometimes when I ran in the morning it didnt really give me a boost of energy throughout the day, it made me more tired so I switched to evening because I could sort of hit the sheets after I was done.

    I also had a dog and it was funny because at one point my dog knew that it was time to go running because i was pretty consistent with my running schedule so my dog would sort of look at me and be push me sometimes when I was sitting on the coach.

    I stopped running because I got too skinny…so now I hit the gym and do like a 10 minute at the end run.

    thanks, Ben

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Salbene

      First thing I have to say here, you have a very cute dog! Your dog is honestly smarter than me who only recently picked up running, hah! Good job on continuing running after your gym, I believe running complements gym very well.

  12. Hi Will =)

    First of all, thanks for creating and sharing this post.

    I don’t usually have a set time for when I go running but it’s great to know that having a set time is probably the best option and it will lead to building a strong habit around the same time like you said.

    Btw, the picture you have at the top of this post is very motivational. “Sore legs are temporary. Quiting is permanent.”

    How very true!

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Lawrence

      Thank you for the kind words, yes, having a certain timing is good for your body and habit building. Yes, I love that quote as well, it reminds me to keep running no matter what.

  13. Great Info. Exercising in general is hard to really know when the best time is. I live here in Florida so if anyone goes for a run around here its typically early morning or night just because its so hot here! Very helpful! Thank you!

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Merissa

      Yes, that is very true about the best timing. What’s important is that you simply exercise no matter what timing you prefer. it’s all about your preferences and convenience.

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