Why Does My Run Suck Today?

Why Does My Run Suck Today

I have been running for quite some time, so my runs should be getting better and better with every run, right? If so, why does my run suck today? I am sure every runner has this exact same thought in the beginning of their running regime. Do not worry because you are indeed stronger and faster with every single run. There are reasons as to why you are off form certain days. Read on to find out why.

1. You Didn’t Sleep Well Last Night

Do you run and work out most days and yet you did not sleep well the night before? In this case, you shouldn’t be asking why does my run suck today? Instead, you should be asking yourself why didn’t I rest my body enough. Everyone should know that sleep is important, especially for runners because ample sleep helps your body to recover from previous runs/workouts. Basically, without proper sleep, you will FEEL that your run today sucks because your body is simply more tired. SCIENCE.

2. Your Body Has Not Recovered

More runs means more miles means better, right? This is a common mistake by beginner runners who wants to improve in a short amount of time. That’s the beauty of running, there are no short cuts and you simply have to improve step by step and with discipline. By running almost daily, you are not giving your body a chance to recover properly. On the contrary, you will find your timings getting worse and wonder why your run sucks. In this case, it is as simple as your body not in the optimal state for each run. 3 to 4 runs each week are perfectly fine for a beginner runner, don’t burn yourself out.

3. What Did You Eat Last Night?

Had a good night’s out with your friends and had a good meal? This could explain why your run sucks today. Your body works harder to digest those heavy, oily and fatty foods as compared to lighter alternatives. In some cases, such foods can also cause stomach upsets and more gas which can only make you feel more sluggish than usual during your run. Simply stick to lighter food the night before your run.

4. Have You Warmed Up?

I have explained in my previous article ‘How To Warm Up Before A Run‘ how important it is to warm up before running. Not warming up for any run can make your run feels slow because your body just wasn’t ready for it. Warming up helps prepare your mind and body ready for a run, without it, you will definitely feel as though something is missing but you can’t explain what. Not other that, warming up can help cut down the risk of injuries significantly.

5. You Are Only Running

Do you know that professional runners do not just train with runs? They mix it in with interval runs, sprints and other cross training such as swimming, weights or even yoga. Imagine running as the only exercise you do, it is no wonder you find yourself asking why does my run suck today. This is because you are doing the same thing over and over again with no changes. Sometimes, a push on your timings can make a whole lot of difference. Also, you do not have to do 4-5 types of sports to maximise your efficiency in running, a variety of 2-3 cross training are good to keep you engaged.


Do not forget, running is a sport and you are a sports person now. Even a professional footballer loses his form every now and then. Just remember this, form is temporary, class is permanent. Every bad run will be followed by a good run!

Cheers and Start Running Today


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  1. this post is highly beneficial, sometimes my running really sucks and just do not feel good after running. The fact that sometimes eating unhealthy foods with friends the night before really makes me feel lethargic and tired. My tummy is also sensitive to fast foods, this explains why my runs suck

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Uwais

      Thank you for the kind comments, yes, sometimes the same thing happened to me as well. I will forget there is a run the next day and overindulge myself with too much junk food.

  2. Hey Will =)

    Nice, helpful post you have written here.

    Your posts are always inspirational

    These are five reasons definitely cross my mind from time to time, I’m always questioning, “did i warm up?” sometimes I find that if I haven’t had a good run, this will be the reason.

    “Did I sleep well last night?” – Usually if I have a “bad” run it’s also because I went to bed too late, feel so tired the next day and this always effects your performance.

    Thanks, I’ll add these 5 reasons to my bookmarks =)

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Lawrence

      Thank you for visiting my site again and for your kind words. Yes, I used to skip my warm up as well in the beginning. No more now after I find out no warm up is not beneficial for your body.

  3. Hi Will

    This was a great read and I think that although this is article is specifically about running you could apply these tips to lots of different things.

    I find that progress is not always in a straight line. There are days when I feel I should be flying ahead with something but I am not, it feels like I have taken 10 steps back instead.

    Thanks for these practical tips and explanations on why your run may not feel so great today!

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Lynne

      Yes, you are absolutely right! Progress is not always smooth and we should learn how to overcome those bad days. Cheers!

  4. I’ve never been in any runs before. But these are useful tips not only for running. I think it applies to our daily life too especially when sleep deprivation and heavy foods are concerned. After all, life is made up of a series of run itself. Right?

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Kenny

      Yes, you are right. Life is like a series of runs. We can apply some of these tips to keep ourselves healthy as well.

  5. Furkan says: Reply

    I never thought of warming up before running. I have been doin sports for years and I warm up before exercise but running seemed so easy so I never warmed up before running. But I will definitely change that.

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Furkan

      Yes, not warming up before a run is 1 of the major causes of injuries for runners. Good to hear that you have learnt something new today!

  6. Lannie says: Reply

    Your site is beautiful!

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Lannie

      Thank you for the kind words! Hope you learnt something from my site!

  7. Brandon says: Reply

    I was about to say they should be warming up first, and then I saw that you already mentioned it, lol. I didn’t know that a lot of runners mix their run with interval training or sprints though, but I guess it’s only necessary if they want to advance in their fitness right?

    I use to run when I was going to the gym, but now that I just work out at home (weight lifting) I don’t even bother with it cardio haha.

    Thanks Will.


    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Brandon

      Yah man, different runs are beneficial for both casual and advanced runners. It’s also to mix it up so that the runs do not get too monotonous, at least that is for me. Cheers!

  8. It is often said that abs is made in the kitchen. I know we are talking about running but similar applies, nutrition and sufficient sleep and rest is crucuial

    1. Will says: Reply

      Hi Arthur

      Yah, I totally agree with you man. People neglect their diet and sleep so often without realizing that they often work hand in hand with proper workout.

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