Treadmill Running Vs Outdoor Running

Treadmill Running Vs Outdoor Running

When it comes to deciding on treadmill running vs outdoor running, it can be difficult to decide which is best. While a treadmill's belt moves beneath you and there is zero wind resistance to deal with, making it much easier to run, outdoor running may be preferable to those who looking to create more forward motion.

But for those who are looking to replicate the conditions of outdoor running, while continuing to use their treadmill, they have the option of setting the treadmill to a grade of 1 percent. This serves to offset the lack of wind resistance and forces the body to expend the same amount of effort as you would by running outdoors.

However, there are specific instances when it is better for a person to partake in treadmill running, as opposed to outdoor running. It is important to thoroughly consider the elements outside and how they will affect each individual runner before proceeding. When the weather is too warm or too cold, this can adversely affect the runner's progress.

If the footing is bad or there is inclement weather taking place, these are also signs that you should stick to treadmill running. Perhaps you prefer outdoor running to treadmill running and you believe that you receive a better workout by running outside. It is important to remember that the certainty of a treadmill workout often beats experiencing an untimely injury that is sustained by running in poor conditions.

Treadmills are also useful for those who are looking for ways to stimulate the difficulties that a racing course provides. Advanced treadmills now allow their users to mimic the settings of a racing course and simulate the conditions that they will experience on the day of the main event.

There are certain drawbacks that come with running on a treadmill, however. Pacing yourself becomes far more difficult when running on a treadmill, as most treadmill users fall into the trap of setting it and forgetting it. This gives them the chance to remain locked into a target pace and this makes it more challenging to set a pace on your own. For others, the concept of running on a treadmill is simply too boring to fathom, as they prefer the unpredictability of running outdoors.

Making a final decision regarding treadmill running vs outdoor running is all about weighing your personal motivation factors against the factors that you are unable to control. If you are the type of person who is looking to prepare yourself for an upcoming race, can set your own pace and is not bored by the prospect of treadmill running, this is your best bet. For those who live in moderate climates and wish to avoid the boredom associated with treadmill use, outdoor running is typically in their best interests.