What Does Overpronation Mean?

What Does Overpronation Mean?

So, you are about to start running and you just heard about the term pronation. It seems that so many things depend on it, but you have no idea what pronation or overpronation is. Is it a good or a bad thing? What does it do to your feet? Well, you probably have so many questions, but to begin with, this is not something newly invented, so keep reading to find out more.

What is a style of oppression?

As a runner, you should know that there is a style of oppression and you need to learn how to do this properly. So, oppression is actually the way that the feet step on the surface and pronantion is a normal part of the whole process. There are lots of professional and amateur runners who are afraid of pronation. The whole process of pronation represents an instep on the surface. To be clear, pronation is nothing to be afraid of and it is a normal process where your feet are involved while running. But overpronation is something else.

What is overpronation?

What will happen to your feet if you have over 200 lbs and you run on a hard surface? Ovepronation is what will happen. When you step down with your feet the ankles will twist inwards in order to amortize the stress that appears as a result of hitting the surface. It shouldn’t surprise you why people with extra weight have more problems with pronation. Note that this doesn’t exclude professional runners who prepare themselves for marathons.

Overpronation is also considered as a style where the first contact with the ground will be made with the inner side of the foot. The big toe will touch the surface first and then all the other parts of the foot. The joints of the leg are directed inwards in this case. This term is also known as “flat feet” among people. And they have this exact style of oppression.

Is overpronation curable?

This condition, if we can call it a condition, can be cured while the person is still growing with the help of prosthesis. Once the bones complete their growth, healing won’t be possible. This style of oppression can be very painful if you don’t wear the right footwear and can even lead to causing serious injuries.

It is recommended to use orthopedic shoes especially when running. Make sure you talk to your doctor before purchasing anything.